Third Training Seminar

We will be having our third training seminar for the SSU Outreach this Sunday, May 18th after the morning service of Bigelow Church in the basement of that building. We hope to have a good turn out for our discussion on the theological foundations for our evangelistic methodology. The topic will be Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God.

This course is not a prerequisite for serving in the SSU ministry, but we hope that you will all come anyways.


Training Seminars

Our first training seminar for Project Reformission was held last Sunday afternoon at Bigelow Church. We discussed the nature of the challenge ahead of us and the reason we are attempting this work in Portsmouth. We had a good number, 25 students, come out for the event. This coming Sunday we will be hosting the second of the four Training sessions. This one is on “Clarifying the Gospel.” It is essential that everyone interested in being part of the core group of this project come to all three of the next training sessions. The other two will be held in May (18th and 25th). The meetings start following the morning worship Service of Bigelow Church, and will be held in the basement of that building on Washington Steet. Lunch will be provided.


Launch Team Training

To all those interested in helping with the intial lauch of Project Reformission: Portsmouth there will be a special training seminar, the first of several, after the morning services of Bigelow Church on Sunday April 13th. Lunch will be provided.

This is going to be a great oppurtunity to prepare for our outreach coming this fall, and hopefully you’ll learn and contribute much to our time together. If you’re still not sure about your role in the Project then come and find out exatcly what Project Reformission is and get a better idea. All are welcome.

Hope to see you there.

God bless,

Pastor Dave

Special Event

We’ll be hosting a special Saturday evening event on May 3rd. We will have the pleasure of visiting with and having a conversation with British Pastor and Evangelist Paul Harper.

With music, refreshments, and an informal style conversation you will be encouraged by what God has done in his life, have the oppurtunity to get to know others, and engage our speaker in real questions about real issues. Come and hear more about Project Reformission and Cafe Theologica. More deatials will be forthcoming. Also look in your community for our flyers.

The Official Sermon Series Commercial

Here’s the new video for Pastor Dave’s Sermon Series in 1 Kings: God in the Wasteland

Sermon Series Promotional Video

As Pastor Dave prepares his sermon series for the fall kick-off of SSCC we are preparing a Video to promote his sermon series through 1 Kings. When we get that complete we aim to make it accessible on the website as well. But for now check out the logo.

Promotional Video

Our staff has begun work on a promotional video for SSCC! Our desire is to use this as a means of advertising and making contacts in the community. You can pray for us to be wise about how we do it, and that it would be used appropriately. We’ll post the video on the website once it is finally completed, but that will be a while yet.

Also if you are interested in knowing more about SSCC please feel free to contact any of our staff, or Bigelow Church (see the link at the sidebar). We want you to be involved.